Intro to The UX Blueprint course

Intro to The UX Blueprint course

Watch these lessons taken from the modules of The UX Blueprint course to get a better idea of what the course is about, what kind of teacher I, Piccia Neri, am, and to decide whether the course is for you. The paid course will open again to new recruits in Autumn 2021.

I hope you enjoy these taster lessons. I always welcome feedback, so feel free to write to me if you have any.

7 Modules

Module 1 – Intro to UX

Module 2 – Design for Humans

Module 3 – The UX Blueprint

Module 4 – Phase 1: Research

Module 5 – Phase 2: Design

Module 6 – Phase 2: Design – Part 2

Module 7 – Phase 3: Validation

The validation phase is what makes the whole difference in the UX process. We'll see how validation really happens all the way through the process; how it saves us money, uncovering issues at the beginning; and how we can even transform it in a series of saleable products.

Modules for this course 7
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