Intro to The UX Blueprint course

Intro to The UX Blueprint course

Watch these lessons taken from the modules of The UX Blueprint course to get a better idea of what the course is about, what kind of teacher I, Piccia Neri, am, and to decide whether the course is for you.

The paid course is now open again to new recruits, both as a program with coaching and on its own. Only until Friday 17 December 2021.

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I hope you enjoy these taster lessons. I always welcome feedback, so feel free to write to me if you have any.

7 Modules

Module 1 – Intro to UX

What is UX exactly? The acronym is bandied about a lot, and yet it's easily misunderstood. In order to make our clients understand what UX is (hint: everything is UX!), we need to make sure that we are able to make the case for it properly, online and offline. This module lays down the foundations of what user experience is, with good and bad examples.

Module 2 – Design for Humans

Win on the web by gaining a grasp of why humans do what they do when they land on your pages. Be a better product designer, and overall human being, by walking a mile in your users’ shoes. Which will also allow you, and your clients, to make more money.

Module 3 – The UX Blueprint

In this section we’ll get a bird’s eye view on the small to medium agency or one-person-band version of the UX Blueprint, its elements and phases. It's a process that you can follow for pretty much any project, not just online. It's never linear, and you're free to tweak it, or mess it up, as much as you need to.

Module 4 – Phase 1: Research

Well-conducted research will speed up your production process massively, so we'll get this one right. In my opinion, this is the most important phase of any project.

Module 5 – Phase 2: Design

In this module we finally start organising and building our content. Design in this phase is our structure and organisation, i.e. the scaffolding for what we build. This is where we start understanding how much easier our task is made by all the research that we did previously. "Content first" will be our mantra: even when we don't have much of it yet, which is often a sore point.

Module 6 – Phase 2: Design – Part 2

This module explores the Surface Plane: in a word, the user interface. This could be a whole course in itself.

Module 7 – Phase 3: Validation

The validation phase is what makes the whole difference in the UX process. We'll see how validation really happens all the way through the process; how it saves us money, uncovering issues at the beginning; and how we can even transform it in a series of saleable products.

Modules for this course 7
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